Different Rules For The Dismissal Of A Batsman In Cricket


As a cricket fan, do you know its rules and regulations completely? Most people don’t because there are so many different rules in cricket. Generally speaking, we all have some basic knowledge of cricket. But if you know the basic rules of cricket, it is sufficient to join your friends or family to play cricket for entertainment. But if you want to play like a pro, you should have good cricket knowledge. And if you have to participate in a school, college-level, or in a fantasy cricket match, you should also know everything about cricket in order to win. 

Before participating in fantasy cricket, fantasy football, or any other sport, you should know its rules and regulations so you can perform well in the match. 

Do you know about the dismissal rules in cricket? Dismissal is when the batting period of a batsman ends because of the opposing team. So, in this article, you will learn about the different dismissal rules in cricket. Of course, you might already know about one or two rules for getting out in cricket. But you are not aware that there are various rules of dismissal of a batsman in cricket fantasy. Following are some of the ways a batsman is dismissed in cricket:

Bowled out –

A batsman bowled out when he missed hitting the ball; instead, he hit the wicket and put it down. He also bowled when the ball hit the wickets by touching the bat and his body. But we can only say that the batsman is bowled out if the wicket breaks or falls down. 

Catch out –

According to this dismissal rule, a batsman gets out when he hits the ball, and the opposing team players catch it before it hits the ground. 

LBW (Leg before wicket) –

A batter can be LBW out when he blocks or touches the ball with his legs instead of hitting it with the bat. 

Run out –

When the batsman attempts to take a run with his partner, the opposing team’s players hit the wicket with the ball before the completion of the run, he is run out. 

Stumped out –

According to this rule, a batter can be stumped out when he goes out of the ground, and the wicketkeeper puts down the wicket before returning.

Handle the ball –

A batter can be out when he touches the ball with his hand and not with the bat. 

Timed out –

As per this dismissal rule, a batter should come to the field within two minutes of previous wickets falls. 

These are some significant rules for getting out in real and fantasy cricket.

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