Offer Your Clients HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training

If you are a personal trainer and have an education in this field, you could specialize in what is known as HIIT or “high Intensity interval training”, this is training where the personal trainer will alternate client’s exercises between low and high intensity exercises or between high intensity exercises followed by a short rest period. An example could be a short sprint up several flights of stairs followed by a slow walk back down. 

30-minute exercises

HIIT training is a cardiovascular exercise that alternates short intervals of intense anaerobic exercise with a recovery period that is less intense. This usually lasts for about 30 minutes or less depending on the client’s current level of fitness.

Used by

High intensity interval training can be used best by:

  • People of all ages and fitness levels
  • People with coronary heart disease
  • Those with chronic heart failure

In order for a personal trainer to be able to coach this type of exercise, they need to have personal trainer continuing education to help them earn a metabolic training certification.

Metabolic fitness classes

In order to earn this certification the trainer needs to take a NESTA certified metabolic fitness training class. The class teaches the trainer why metabolic training is important and how this training can help the improvement of the capacity of energy systems in the human body. Many clients prefer this type of training for several reasons such as:

  • This training is fun
  • Takes less time out of the client’s day
  • Burns calories after the workout are finished
  • Increases productions of growth hormones
  • Enhances ability to move better

If you are a personal trainer and want to broaden what you can offer your clients, HIIT or high Intensity interval training could be something to think about. The certification is easy to earn and is just one more training option that you will be able to offer your clients.