Poker game processes

It is important to study poker and game processes directly. In poker, two to ten people can sit at the gaming table. First, each login idn poker99 participant is dealt two cards. They are distributed face down. Then two players have to make mandatory bets – big and small blind.

To understand who will post the blinds, you need the dealer’s chip, which shows the participant to the left of which the countdown begins: on his left hand is the small, and then the big blind. After the end of each of the hands, this chip moves clockwise to the next player. That is, everyone at the table will have to make mandatory bets.

The size of the blinds is set in advance, the big blind is 2 times more than the small one. Finally, after these mandatory bets, everyone gets their hands on the cards. Taking into account the fact that the combination is made up of 5 cards, the received only two of them do not yet give any picture. Although based on them, the players are obliged to choose a decision on their next steps at the table. They can choose the following solutions:

Discard cards after exiting the deal;

Match the cards with the previous bet;

Skip a move if the same number of chips has been bet as the previous participant;

Raise rates.

All moves have their own name, in poker one action is called differently, it depends on the purpose and circumstances of the game. Further, the instructions for playing poker say that the first player to move is the one to the left of the player who posted the big blind. And so, in turn, all players place bets, the last one to bet is the same big blind, if no one raised the bet, then he checks, skipping a move, and continues to participate in the game.

However, there can be several rounds in poker at once. The auction is limited to only one round at the first stage of the game, which is called preflop, and only when, after the big blind, everyone has folded or equalized. If any player raises an action in poker that increases the bet, a second betting round must begin to continue playing.

Then, if the bets were not equalized, then the one who made this bet wins and receives the blinds. And one more significant moment in poker bets will be made until everyone has the same number of chips. There is another version of bets all in, here the participant must put all the chips, and it does not matter if they are enough to equalize the bet.

Postflop and play on it

If this player left the game at the last turn, then the next surviving participant goes after him. Subsequently, when the pre-flop rates were equalized, the next stage of the game begins – the flop. All further frontiers are united in the general title Postflop. So, any poker instruction will tell you that the flop shows 3 community cards and bets again. Now the first participant to bet will be the small blind. In the case when such a player managed to leave the game at the last turn, then the move goes to the next clockwise.